BerettaFest 2020 Proposal – Rapid City, SD. June 24th-28th

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With a wide range of accommodations, an exciting variety of things to do and easy access to the signature activities, attractions, and natural landscapes, Rapid City is the perfect home base for your Black Hills vacation. Encompassing the western and southern borders of Rapid City’s vibrant community, the Black Hills form an expansive 5,000 mile stretch of natural forests, vast canyons, and jagged peaks, offering access to some of the most incredible landscapes in the country and positioning Rapid City as the perfect vantage point for a visit to South Dakota’s historic American frontier. Stay in Rapid City to enjoy all the exciting amenities of a cosmopolitan oasis – great dining, vibrant nightlife, arts and culture – surrounded by the incredible, rugged landscapes of the Badlands and the scenic Black Hills. Whether you explore dramatic caves, cruise scenic highways, visit massive monuments, follow park trails, learn about Native American traditions or live it up in Downtown Rapid City, there is never a shortage of things to do in the Black Hills and every day is another unforgettable, big adventure.

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